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Have you ever wondered how people in the past spent their free time? In Northfield, they had plenty of options. There were theater performances and motion picture houses. Musical groups often performed in town, and the people of Northfield also participated in bands, choirs, and other groups. People listened to the radio and went to dances. And there were many more things to do, too, of course.

For an overview of the many kinds of entertainment from Northfield’s history, I’d check out this Primary Source Set – Entertainment in Northfield.

Northfield Community Band, c. 1920

As you look at these materials, imagine what it might have been like to be entertained the way these Northfielders in the past were. How has entertainment changed over time? How is it still the same?

If you’re an educator, this lesson plan may be another great place to start:

Bruce, Charlotte and Helen Stephan. Twentieth Century Entertainment: When Work is Done. Lesson plan developed for the Library of Congress.

Also, this set is only one of a group of 12 available on the DHC’s website. See the other¬†Primary Source Sets here!