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The Christdala congregation was formed on July 18, 1877, by Swedish immigrants who settled in Rice County, Minnesota. There were 13 families constituting the initial membership of the Church and Sunday services were held at the home of one of the founding members, A.P. Johnson, until a structure could be built the following year.

Christdala services were discontinued in 1966 due to lack of membership.  In September of 1994 several members of the Christdala congregation met at the Forest Town Hall in Millersburg and formed the Christdala Church Preservation and Cemetery.  Since that time Christdala has held one service each year.

Christdala photo

In 2007 Christdala purchased the Millersburg School house from Forest Township and created a Community Museum.


The Christdala collection includes early church documents such as membership records and minutes from the annual meeting, written in Swedish until 1927.  Other documents include the meeting minutes from the Dorcas Society and record books from the Luther League.  The church also has several photographs taken of the congregation outside of the church building.


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