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The publication which became the Northfield News began as the Dundas News on Nov. 4, 1876, founded by Henry E. Lawrence. It was first published as the Northfield News on Nov. 1, 1879. Today, at more than 130 years old, the Northfield News is the city’s only newspaper, having acquired the Northfield Independent in the 1950s.

Northfield News

The Northfield News’ current contributions to the Collaborative include the first 11 columns written by long-time editor Maggie Lee, more than 300 photographs of the Northfield area, and an index of more than 30,000 names about which clippings have been retained and filed at the newspaper.

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The Northfield News is located at 115 W. Fifth St. in Northfield. The newspaper can be reached at 507-645-5615 or

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