History Day students: Looking for a local topic, local angle, or local resource?

The Northfield History Collaborative is a digital library full of items related to the history of Northfield and nearby communities. Online at www.northfieldhistorycollaborative.org, this group is a partnership of 11 businesses and organizations. Our online collection contains more than 3,000 photographs, books, manuscripts, scrapbooks, audio clips and more from our partners, as well as summaries of their offline collections:

Click the link below to see our handout from the Jan. 12 Hullaballoo at the Northfield Public Library.

Click on this link to learn about some of the subjects and topics covered in the Collaborative.

Learn more about the Collaborative here, read about how to use our site here, and find links to other local history resources here.

Looking for something in particular? Have questions? We want to help! Contact the project coordinator at butler@northfieldhistory.org.

Does your project have a Northfield connection? Consider submitting it to the Northfield Student Research Collection to help other local researchers looking at your topic. Contact the project coordinator at butler@northfieldhistory.org for more information.