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Mrs. Bierman’s “Northfield Organizations” scrapbook is her second-longest, and it covers a lot of territory.

If you are interested in the history of Northfield churches, this is your book. In addition to various articles about congregational histories, you’ll find:

If you’re interested in the Masons, you’ll find a 50th anniversary program for Social Lodge No. 48, which claims to be the oldest chartered organization in the city.

Also find articles about the organizations that were thriving at that time: The Order of the Eastern Star, the Northfield Improvement Association, Women’s Clubs, the parks board, the fire department, Boy Scouts, and more.

There are also several items related to Northfield’s public schools. Among them are four issues of the Northfield High School Periscope, its newspaper. (Eleven more issues are also in the Collaborative.)

The final highlight I leave you with is an article about Northfielder Rolf Lium. As a student at Carleton College, he decided to spend a summer as pastor at a church in the Black Hills. The morning he was to preach his very first sermon, who should make a surprise visit to church that morning but President Calvin Coolidge and his wife.