(Learn more about Emily Bierman’s nine scrapbooks here.) First there was the Early Northfield History volume; next came just plain “Northfield History.” The majority of this book is obituaries, which researchers will likely appreciate. I’d list them for you here, but the book is full-text searchable! Keep in mind that these are mainly people who a historian in the 1930s thought were worth noting, whether they were prominent townspeople or pioneers of the area.

For example: If you have any dates or publication information to share, please pass them along. The Junior Curators at the Northfield Historical Society were able to find some of them this summer, but we still need to enter them into the computer. We do know that Mrs. Bierman died in August of 1939, so clippings are older than that date; she also had a stroke in the spring of 1937, so most likely they were published before that time, as well.