(Learn more about the Bierman scrapbooks here.)

When we think of the “Do You Remember?” column in the Northfield News nowadays, we think of Maggie Lee. But the column predates her employment there, as Mrs. Bierman’s scrapbook of that name shows. (But if you are interested in Maggie, read some of her first columns from the News here.)

As is the case in newspapers around the country, “Do You Remember?” prior to Mrs. Bierman’s death in 1939 highlighted what was in the local news 25 or 50 years ago, or occasionally contained someone’s personal recollections. Because these columns rarely contained any headlines or text to highlight the subject of the recollection, having these few articles scanned and searchable makes them infinitely more helpful to today’s researcher.

The first 25 pages of this scrapbook are largely “Do You Remember?” columns, with some “Tales of the Town” thrown in — this column was written by Tergiverous Tim, a pen name for W. F. Schilling. But after that point, the volume becomes a mish-mash of articles on local history.

But buried inside is a collection of original photographs. Some we have a little information about:

Others we know less about:

Do you have information about these — who, when, where? Please share!