(Learn more about Emily Bierman’s nine scrapbooks here.)

The Bierman scrapbook that has the least to do with Northfield specifically is, logically, the one about Minnesota history.

It does contain a smattering of items that are particular to Northfield, though:

And a few other things.

Unfortunately, a significant portion of this book could not appear online because it contains clippings from the Minneapolis Journal that are still under copyright. If you are interested in these pages, you can look at photocopies of the original scrapbooks in the Pye Room at the Northfield Public Library.

But it is still worth paging through the online version. One timely article from 1900 recalls the U.S.-Dakota War of 1862. (It continues on the two pages following.) A series of steel engravings from the 1850s shows scenes from the state’s early days (also see following pages).