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In 1959 a group of people got together to envision a place where all art forms could be learned and presented in a community based center. Beginning in a renovated church, theater productions took the stage while visual art, dance and literary arts were studied and presented in the basement, in the lobby and on the lawn.

Fifty years later, there are two buildings that host classes, productions and exhibits.

The mission of the Northfield Arts Guild is to stimulate artistic activity in the greater Northfield area. The Northfield Arts Guild strives to organize, support, and promote the efforts of the community in expressing, developing and appreciating art.

To date, the Arts Guild’s contributions to the DHC includes a history of the organization written for its 40th anniversary, newsletters and administrative documents from the 1960s, and nearly 100 theater programs ranging from 1959 to 1980.

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The Northfield Arts Guild is headquartered at 304 S. Division St. in Northfield. They can be reached at 507-645-8877 or

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