Northfield’s history month is already half over, but you still have time to enjoy another exploration of Northfield history as preserved by the Northfield History Collaborative. You may not know this, but the NHC can digitize not only documents and photographs, but also audio files.

Today we will take a look at more recent history from our partner, KYMN Radio. KYMN started broadcasting on September 27, 1968. Although the station broadcasts from downtown Northfield today, its original location was in Waterford Township, just a few miles away.

KYMN Radio building, 1979

KYMN Radio building, 1979. See more details on the NHC:

The station has focused on local interests since its beginning. Businesses within and close to Northfield advertised with them over the airwaves. The NHC has digitized a number of 1970-era commercials and jingles, and these are my favorites (they last about 1 minute each):

Also on the NHC are jingles for these companies:

Sit back and take a listen. Do you remember listening to the radio more than 30 years ago and hearing these commercials? See what else is in the KYMN collection on the NHC!

P.S. History Month may be half over but there are still plenty of events to attend! Hope to see you there!