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Before the Northfield chapter of the Chamber of Commerce was established, businesses in Northfield were already united through the Northfield Retail Merchants. Their minutes from 1929 to 1933 are now available in the Collaborative.

Somewhat surprisingly, downtown parking was an issue even in 1930:

After some discussion it was decided to make every effort to get all Merchants and Professional people of the town to Cooperate in avoiding congestion on the main streets by parking their cars else where when possible.

The merchants’ association back then seemed to hold events that specifically attracted “country folks” to town. Right away in the 1929 minutes, the merchants were planning a summertime entertainment for those country folks:

The committee favored an all day entertainment, with novelty attractions, sports, games and the kind, with free refreshments consisting of Coffee, Pop, and Ice Cream.

Likewise, they talked about hosting poultry shows and colt shows, and encouraging like conventions.