About a quarter of the Northfield Arts Guild theater programs that ever existed are now available online.

The Arts Guild has a dream of making all of its programs available online and searchable in an Internet Movie Database (IMDb.com)-type format. This addition of 97 programs brings them a significant part of the way toward that goal.

Through the ContentDM interface that the Collaborative uses (through a generous partnership with Carleton College), these programs are full-text searchable already (or will be very soon — transcriptions for the handwritten programs will be available in the coming weeks). Want to know how many of these productions the legendary Myrna Johnson was involved with? A search shows that it’s at least 70 of the 97.

Maybe you’re going to put on a production of “Amahl and the Night Visitors” and you want to look into how the Arts Guild did it previously. You’ll find programs from four past performances.

Take a look around. You’ll find that friends, neighbors, or family members have been involved with the Arts Guild in ways you never suspected, or maybe you’ll look back on some fond memories.