(Learn more about the Emily Bierman scrapbooks here.)

Mrs. Bierman had connections to Carleton College. I’m not sure what they were, but she had them.

Her Carleton College scrapbook is her largest, topping out just shy of 500 pages. Granted, that includes 18 booklets, but the fact that she had 18 booklets about the school, when her St. Olaf College scrapbook just barely makes it to 80 pages, is significant.

Either she or an acquaintance held on to Glee Club programs from 1888, 1909, 1911 and 1916.

If you’re interested in Donald Cowling, you’ll find an inauguration program, a small book about his inauguration, the text of a 1909 address, and several newspaper articles.

One of the booklets included is the 15th annual report of the Huntington Sunday School Class, a missionary society. I don’t know much about this organization, but it is certainly unlike any other Sunday School class I’ve ever heard about! This particular issue, from 1912, is also a memorial to patroness Caroline Huntington. An 11-page member directory at the end includes people living in China.

Two other Huntingtons make an appearance in the scrapbook, and they’re probably the two best-known in Northfield. This 1916 booklet is a memorial to professor George Huntington; an obituary or two also appear for his second wife, born Margaret Evans. Also find the text of an address she gave in Boston in 1899.

I’ll let you browse through the rest, but leave you with a question. Do you have information about a publication called “The Leaven?” The scrapbook contains part of an edition, but I would like to know more about it. It seems similar to a devotional.