If you’ve read your summer edition of the Northfield Historical Society’s “Scriver Scribbler,” then you already know that the Northfield History Collaborative is about to add eight scrapbooks of newspaper clippings and more to its online collection — totaling more than 1,500 pages of our community’s story.

However, 1,500 is a huge number of pages and a huge amount of data — so huge that our computers are overwhelmed trying to process it all. So we’re sorry to say it’ll be a little bit longer until everything is ready. Check back at the end of next week — we’ll also keep you posted if parts of the new collection become available before then.

While you’re waiting, browse through the first of the library’s scrapbooks, which we uploaded last summer, “Early Northfield History.”¬†And don’t forget to check back on what’s to come — it will be worth the wait!